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Industrial tanks; Several different types of LPG storage tanks are used in the plant, used for tube filling facilities or large-scale fuel needs. They are fixed tanks that are used to supply the needs of organizations with a high fuel consumption or to supply the demand for large quantities of tube filling plants in a certain area. Industrial storage tanks have different models based on ground or under ground. Our standard productions are according to EN 13445 and PED. If requested by the customer, design and manufaturing can be according to AD2000 Merkblatter, ASME DIVII standards.

The manufacturing and testing of tanks are carried out by an independent inspection body, TUV.

DOĞUMAK industrial storage tanks are designed and manufactured in accordance with PED 97/23/CE AB directive. In case of customer request, ASME DIV II standards are also manufactured.
Specially produced carbon steels are used in the production of tanks for pressure vessels in P355 quality according to EN 10028-3. All welded joints are tested according to the manufacturing standard.
After manufacturing, all tanks are subjected to hydrostatic pressure testing. After this test, the connections of the tank accessories are tested for leaks.
After Grit blasting according to SA2,5 standards, combination of first coat primer and double coat epoxy painting process apply according to under ground tank or above ground tank. DOGUMAK determines the quality of the paint to provide the highest performance throughout the entire service life of the tank.


Design Temperature: –20°C / +50°C

Design Pressure: 17,16 bar

Test Pressure: 26,5 bar

Camber type: Eliptik