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Product Code: NH3-1111

Width: 2.150 mm

Height: 3.700 mm

Wheelbase: 1.310 mm

Empty Weight: 12.500 kg ± %5
(Depends on selected equipment)

King-Pin Height: 1.220 mm (no load)


Geometric Volume: 25 ~ 45m³ (Optional)

3. Tank

Products to be transported: Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3)

Operating Temperature: -40C +50C

Design Pressure: 19,3Bar

Test Pressure: 29 Bar

Certification: AD Merkblatter TUV Pressure Vessel Certificate

Tank Body:

  • Design of cylindrical section according to EN 14025 design standard,
  • High-strength, imported, special P series pressure vessel material according to EN 10028-3 norm
  • Front and rear 1 each outer dished head, cross-linked breakwater in the tank according to EN 14025 design standard (T),
  • ISO 3834 Welded manufacturing quality qualification approved,
  • Rolling plates according to the rolling direction are combined with the circumferential welding method by hitting the T points with robotic welding technology in longitudinal rings and obtaining a cylindrical body structure conforming to the EN 14025 design standard,
  • V-type brackets used in the chassis joint points are welded to the body with pad-supported to increase the body strength and are mounted to the frame with bolts.
  • A drain hole at the right or left side of the horizontal axis to ensure complete discharge of the tanks/li>


Loading / Unloading Line
  • Loading Unloading with ball valves located in the cabinet,
  • ISO 3834 Welded manufacturing quality qualification approved, discharge pipes extending from base valves to couplings, welded to patent bends

Loading / Unloading Valves

  • 2’’ ball valves on the end of gas and liquid line inside the cabinet

Floor Valves

  • Hydraulic valves mounted with bolted connection to welded nozzles under the body base of the tank in accordance with EN 14025 standard,


  • In accordance with EN 14025, on the housing rear dished head, 16 ‘’ diameter 1 unit mounted with bolted connection to welded flange over the tank
  • Constant level indicator, which is installed according to EN 14025 standard pressure calculations,
  • Pressure gauge with glycerine indicating internal pressure inside of the tank,
  • Thermometer indicating inside temperature of the tank,
  • Rotogauge rotary level indicator indicating the LPG level in the tank,

Safety valve

  • 2 units’ safety valves at the upper part of the tank providing working pressure safety which are protected by a protection pool against possible impacts.


  • Suitable for body design, ‘’ I’’ sectioned, manufactured with robotic welding technology, reinforced with intermediate traverses, body console connections with bolts mounted to the frame, flexible against torsion and bending, half frame
  • Chassis construction parts are produced with synergic welding machines by certified welders in accordance with ISO 3834 Welded manufacturing quality qualification with excellent compatibility


King-Pin: 94/20 / EC approved, 2 ‘’ or 3.5 ’’ dimensioned, disassembled from bottom,

Mechanical Feet: Two units each one double speed, 25 tons dynamic, 50 tons static, load capacity trailer support legs,

Axles: Each one 9 tons capacity air suspension, disc / drum brake axle set,

Rims: 11,75 x 22,5

Tires: 385/65 R 22,5

Brake System: 2S2M ABS or EBS braking system with RSP

Electrical System: 24 V., 7 pin ex-proof electrical system.SABA-ASPÖCK-HELLA-SERTPLAS with ADR


  • Painting with at least 2 coats of epoxy primer,
  • 2 coats of acrylic paint and top coat “CABIN PAINT’’ application,
  • Homogeneous distribution to every point on the body with improved technical equipment and surface gloss with vanished paint

  • Magnetic level indicator
  • Pneumatic internal valves
  • Aluminium rims
  • Valve cabinet from non-rusting material
  • LPG Transfer Pump
      • Hydraulic driven pump
      • Electric motor pump


TPED & ADR Certification
III. Party organization inspection. Compliance with national and international current legislation and full, safe inspection by expert team

New Generation Design Maximum Load
Enables the maximum possible load to be transported safely with the latest technology applied

High Strength Special Body Material
Tank body and dished head made of special hard material for pressure vessels manufactured according to ADR standards

Laminating System
Compared to the standard material used for pressurized road tankers, the thickness of the product has been reduced with minimum thickness thanks to the latest technology laminating system

Heat Treatment Dished Head
According to ADR standards, the internal dished heads are manufactured to increase the stability of the vehicle on the road. Dished heads are manufactured from hard but light one piece high strength carbon steel according to standards It is resistant to vibrations that may occur in the transportation of heavy loads.

Sun Shield
The design pressure is reduced with the sun shield applied on the tank.