We have established and documented the Quality Management System in 2003, according to the ISO 9001: 2000 standard, we carry out our esteemed image with ISO 9001-2015 in domestic and abroad by giving priority to product quality and product reliability in all materials and production methods used in production.

Our products are 2014/68 / EU European Quality certified and fit all the requirements of this regulation.

We carry out the quality control activities required by the system at all stages from material order to product delivery.

In the production of the tank, DIN EN 10028-2 and EN 10028-3 quality Pressure Tank sheets of TC Erdemir and Isdemir companies plants are used

The manufacturing stages of the tank are; it is subjected to radiographic and ultrasonic test control for shifts.

We subject our tanks to 100% hydrostatic pressure testing.

In the production of LPG Tanks, tests that ensure product function and safety are applied 100% during production.

Our Quality Policy
  • - To satisfy our customers and to continue the development of our company is our main principle.
  • - To be successful; We are trying to make everyone work with the spirit of teamwork and work consciously.
  • - We ensure that our suppliers give importance to quality.
  • - We contribute to the protection of the environment.
  • - We strive to sustain and improve our quality.
  • - We attach importance to the training of our employees.
Our Environmental Energy Occupational Safety Policy
  • - To use our resources without disturbing the natural balance by complying with the legislation on Environment, Energy and Occupational Health.
  • - To save energy and increase the use of renewable energy in all our activities.
  • - To ensure the health and safety of our employees.
  • - To provide the necessary resources and information to achieve our goals and objectives.
  • - To provide the most reliable products, best service to our customers is our main principle.
  • - To be successful; We give priority to human health in all production and service stages from design to supply of environmentally friendly products.
  • - We save by using natural and energy resources effectively and efficiently.
  • - We work to reduce waste, dispose of it without harming the environment, reuse it, recycle it and recover it.
  • - We take precautions at the source of pollution by considering environmental impacts.
  • - Taking precautions against occupational health, safety risks, and occupational diseases, accidents or damage risks.
  • - We train all our employees and raise awareness of our suppliers and customers in line with our environmental, energy and occupational health, safety objectives and targets.
  • - We continuously improve our performance with the participation and satisfaction of our employees.
Our Customer Complaint And Customer Satisfaction Management System Policy
  • - To deal with the dissatisfaction and suggestions of our customers with fair, objective and confidentiality and to resolve them as soon as possible without violating legal requirements.
  • - Not to be financially victimized while evaluating dissatisfaction.
  • - To provide our customers with different channels to easily communicate their dissatisfaction to us.
  • - To continuously improve our system in line with the non-repetition of dissatisfaction, the suggestions of our customers and the developing technological conditions.
  • - To improve the understanding of customer focus by providing the demands and expectations of our customers in the best way.